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Hill, Greg grhill at
Thu Aug 9 12:06:09 MDT 2007

> I believe it's the difference between a 4M and 8M cache, and
_possibly_ a
> 1066MHz and 1333Mhz BUS difference other than clock speed, from what I
> tell. I wish Apple gave the SKUs of the CPUs they use so I could tell
> for sure, and googling came up with nada. But with those differences,
> you'll
> be able to push more through the pipes faster. Both chips are
> by
> the way.

4MB vs. 8MB is indicative of how many cores it has.  4MB = 2 cores, 8MB
= 4 cores.  There are extreme dual-core and extreme quad-core CPUs.  All
"Extreme" denotes is a higher clock.  In older Intel processors, the
Extreme denoted a higher cache size (2MB vs 512KB in the P4's), but not
any more.

About halfway down the page it has specs for the whole core 2 lineup.
Any model number with a Q is quad-core, others are dual-core.

Interestingly, there isn't a 2.8GHz chip in the lineup, so I guess Apple
had their own model made.  My guess is that it's dual-core with 4MB
cache, since Apple reserves the quad-core chips for the Mac Pro lineup.

Yeah, on it says 4MB cache, so it's
dual-core.  You should also note that iMacs have an 800MHz system bus,
denoted on that page.  Not sure how much real-world difference that
makes, but it's slower than the standard Core 2 chips.  The memory is
clocked at 667MHz, too.

Hope that helps.


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