Chip recommendations

Jason Hall jayce at
Thu Aug 9 10:52:11 MDT 2007

It's time to upgrade the "Family" computer, and I am planning on getting one
of the new iMacs. (of course sitting next to my linux box, using synergy).
I'm looking at getting the 24" version, and while I normally wouldn't go for
the top upgrade based on lack of ROI for the features, I'm interested in
this one.  For those who aren't geeky enough to have looked, you can upgrade
from a 2.4ghz core 2 duo santa-rosa based chip, to a 2.8ghz core 2

What I'm trying to figure out is just what is different between the chips,
besides the 400mhz.  what makes it "extreme", and is it worth the
approximately $250 it costs.

I am planning on keeping the machine for quite a while (that's a lot of
money), so anything to help it's lifespan would be nice.  But that's a bit
of money for an upgrade.  So help me out, because googling is just leading
me to a lot of press anouncements, and worthless pages that tell me nothing
about the actual chip difference/value.


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