August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Aug 8 16:47:45 MDT 2007

On Wed, August 8, 2007 16:31, Jason Holt wrote:
> Hard worker: an *excessively* hard worker is probably neurotic.  How long is
> he going to hold out at that rate?  And how productive are his 50th-80th hours
> each week?  Consider a "lazy" worker who only does just enough to meet his
> objectives, then spends the rest of his time at home by the pool.  Who's more
> likely to go postal?  (Also consider Larry Wall's praise for Laziness,
> Impatience and Hubris).

Some how I don't think most HR managers are going to get it if Robert walked
in and said: "No. Don't get the hard-worker. You want the lazy one with the

What we need is some 'business-speak' that explains the benefit of creative
technical thinkers who are able to remain creative while working for any given
company. We have to translate English into buzz-wordish phrases that make HR
managers happy.

I didn't look too hard, but I couldn't find any job listings for technical
positions that listed 'creativity' as a requirement. To me that is one of the
most important aspects. Software engineers often have to invent solutions.
They need to be very creative.


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