August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Wed Aug 8 15:59:02 MDT 2007

On Wed, Aug 08, 2007 at 12:01:34PM -0600, Von Fugal wrote:
> * Charles Curley [Wed,  8 Aug 2007 at 10:37 -0600]
> > What if I don't want a "fast-paced" environment? "fast-paced" is
> > usually a euphemism for
> > 
> > "We write crappy code because management doesn't know what they want
> > and won't plan ahead. As a result our spaghetti code has metastasized
> > to the point where we have no idea what's in it, what it really does
> > or how to make it do what management wants this week. But it doesn't
> > matter because next week management will want something else. Since
> > you'll be the new hire, everything will be your fault and we'll expect
> > you to fix it instantaneously if not faster."
> Fast paced also says to me, "You will be expected to work 50+ hours a
> week or until our every whim is met, you will be up late, your family
> will miss you, etc, etc." That's not the kind of job I want, either. I
> want a fun, exciting job, but it should only be exciting 40hr/week. If I
> really want to put in extra time every now and then I could go with
> that, but I don't want to be stuck at the office late on a regular
> basis.

I agree. And so do other folks as well. When I worked at Maxtor, one
of the guys left us for Seagate, lured by big bucks. What they didn't
tell him in the interview was that they expected him to work 50+ hours
a week. He was back at Maxtor within a week of starting at Seagate.


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