August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

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Wed Aug 8 12:01:34 MDT 2007

* Charles Curley [Wed,  8 Aug 2007 at 10:37 -0600]
> What if I don't want a "fast-paced" environment? "fast-paced" is
> usually a euphemism for
> "We write crappy code because management doesn't know what they want
> and won't plan ahead. As a result our spaghetti code has metastasized
> to the point where we have no idea what's in it, what it really does
> or how to make it do what management wants this week. But it doesn't
> matter because next week management will want something else. Since
> you'll be the new hire, everything will be your fault and we'll expect
> you to fix it instantaneously if not faster."

Fast paced also says to me, "You will be expected to work 50+ hours a
week or until our every whim is met, you will be up late, your family
will miss you, etc, etc." That's not the kind of job I want, either. I
want a fun, exciting job, but it should only be exciting 40hr/week. If I
really want to put in extra time every now and then I could go with
that, but I don't want to be stuck at the office late on a regular

Von Fugal
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