August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

Von Fugal von at
Wed Aug 8 08:35:54 MDT 2007

* Wade Preston Shearer [Tue,  7 Aug 2007 at 23:10 -0600]
> >Slow paced software development company seeks software engineer to  
> >work in our dull development team. The ideal candidate will possess  
> >a marked lack of teamwork skills and have a weak work ethic. Four  
> >years of experience with Java 1.6 is a must.
> The other that I keep hearing lately is "must be an all-star." What  
> are they hiring for? A position with the Harlem Globetrotters?

I agree, keep it to the specifics of the position. Whenever I see a job
posting on the list, or even in my inbox, my eyes glaze over. The sheer
effort in just reading one of those is tremendous. Maybe if I were out
of work and needing a job I would pay more attention, but as it is I
never read them, unless there's something in the subject that catches my
attention. I'm not saying I'm completely happy with my job and wouldn't
take any opportunities. If a job came along that was really aligned with
where I'm trying to point my career I would love to take it. I've
already had too many web development jobs, and I'm not looking for a sr.
sysadmin position, which seem to be the majority of the jobs that come
through here. I'm rambling I think, but my point is, if you really try
to sell the job on what it really is, then there is someone out there
that really wants to do it, and instead of glossing over it, they may
just perk up and say, "Hey, that's just what I'm looking for." This
can't happen with vague and ambiguous job postings. And please, make
them less painful to read.

Von Fugal
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