August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Mon Aug 6 20:20:38 MDT 2007

On Mon, August 6, 2007 18:34, Dave Smith wrote:
> Robert Merrill wrote:
>> - What aggravates you about job-searching and/or recruiters in general?
> My $0.02.

I think your comments here are worth a lot more than $0.02. In the PLUG spirit
let's not hold any punches...

I went to and searched for jobs in Utah with the
keyword "linux" in them. There were a few for the Utah County area. Most of
the descriptions are quite bad. They are formatted odd, and have lots of
whitespace in them. Some of them are so brief they are useless.

When reading text it's hard to get through junk like this:
Job Type: Direct

Job Status: Full Time

Compensation: Depending on Experience.

To learn more about SOS Technical, visit us at!

To apply send a word formatted resume to: apply056 at

Why do you need so much whitespace? The following works for me:
Type: Direct Employment
Hours: Full Time (45 hours/week)
Compensation: 60-100k/yearly, depending on experience.

To apply send a text or word formatted resume to: apply056 at

Maybe Robert can shed some light on how these job descriptions end up on their
site, and who is in charge of maintaining them. The first question to that
person should be "Do you even READ these things?" Also, maybe it's just me,
but I couldn't find a job ID or anything for the job (it is buried in the
URL). This makes it hard to reference the given job description. (Gee, some of
these job descriptions sure look familiar.)

Can someone find some good examples of job descriptions?

I know mozy is known for understanding the FOSS community, so I hit their site:
"The System Administrator/Engineer position is responsible for helping us grow
and manage our petabyte object storage system. The ideal candidate will have
previous experience with large scale clusters and/or internet data centers in
production environments."

That one paragraph tells me almost exactly what kind of person mozy is looking
for. It screams "entry level need not apply!" The line "BS or Masters in
Computer Science or related area" says to me that's going to be a hard
requirement, unless you are something very special. If they had tacked on "or
equivalent experience" that's code for "you don't really need a degree if you
are competent." It doesn't have a salary range, nor does it have a list of
specific technologies I might need to know about (NAS/SAN technologies, how
'large' large is, etc.). It also doesn't indicate to me what the "engineering"
side of the position entails.

I know the company I work for has struggled with this big time. We are still
working with our HR department to ensure when we do have positions open the
job descriptions accommodate the FOSS crowd.

I think companies need to realize they might give my resume 10 seconds, but I
might give their company, job description, and background research several

What are some other examples people can find?


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