August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

Dave Smith dave at
Mon Aug 6 18:34:04 MDT 2007

Robert Merrill wrote:
> - What aggravates you about job-searching and/or recruiters in general?

This may be more the fault of HR departments than recruiters, but 
there's nothing worse than the job description that uses vague and 
repetitive terms like this:

    Responsibilities of Software Engineer: Analyzes, writes, develops, 
creates, maintains,
    debugs, and produces software.

They could have said:

    Responsibilities of Software Engineer: Develops software in C++ and 

I want to know what the job entails, and that includes whether I'll be 
writing new code or debugging legacy code, or some mix of the two, and 
if so, how much of each. It's nice to know how much direct interfacing 
with customers will be required, and what size of teams are common. It's 
also nice to know about project duration, and whether the candidate can 
expect to work on the same team for long- or short-terms.

The other pet peeve of mine is when the job description is almost 
totally irrelevant to the position, like when Java is listed as a key 
skill for a C++ job, where all the engineers loathe Java, but the HR 
department seems to be unaware of that fact. It seems as though some 
recruiters don't realize there is a difference between languages, and if 
they admit there's a difference, they almost never think there's any 
significant difference.

Lastly, I very much like to see a salary range in job postings. I know 
that's a can of worms, especially regarding the already employed, but 
it's very nice to know as an applicant.

My $0.02.


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