August PLUG Meeting: Mid-Career Development

Hill, Greg grhill at
Mon Aug 6 16:23:59 MDT 2007

> - What are recruiters good for?
>From my experience, the only thing a recruiter has ever done was to
waste my time.

> - Why are recruiters HATED? (Open source-style feedback loop).
Because they get paid to find people for jobs, but expect the candidates
to do all of the work outside of the initial contact.

> - How to be irreplaceable (protect yourself against layoffs).
Switch jobs frequently so you aren't around for the layoffs :D  

> - What aggravates you about job-searching and/or recruiters in
Job descriptions that ask for impossibly high amounts of experience in
disparate technologies.  Or asking for more experience in a particular
technology than is humanly possible, like asking for 10 years of Java in
1999.  People who write up job descriptions need to be realistic.  My
current employer is no exception; they just posted a QA job that
required a developer's skillset, even though our QA department doesn't
do development.  My thoughts on recruiters are above.  Another thing
recruiters can do is quit the "I can't tell you what company this job is
for" crap.  I've had recruiters contact me about a job that I had
already applied for.  Luckily, it sounded familiar enough that I asked
and found out before they resubmitted my resume.  If they'd just been
upfront about it, it would've saved us both a lot of wasted effort.

> - What do you wish hiring managers and recruiters would "get" that
> they just don't get.
Telecommuting, or if not that, at least relocation expenses.  Quit
limiting yourself to local candidates, it isn't going to help you out in
the long run.  Why isn't telecommuting an option with more employers?  I
have very little human interaction at work, and what little I have could
be more easily accomplished over IM/email.  I understand the concern
that developers will slack off, but that's what firing is for.  Why are
companies so reluctant to fire people who don't do their job, anyway?

> - How do YOU like to be approached about job opportunities?


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