Need: Asterisk consultant

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Wed Aug 1 12:14:21 MDT 2007

Hi. I've got a client in Logan that is interested in an Asterisk solution.
40-60 seats. They may also want to tie together two offices (one in Utah,
the other in Texas) as well. 

While we've dabbled in Asterisk, we really don't have the time to get 
up to speed to tackle a project of this size or the desire to put our
client through the experience. So, we hereby seek a consultant with some 
good Asterisk chops to work with us. 

Initially, this will just involve estimation so we can compose a proposal
(comprosal?)  Then, later (we hope), considerable billable hours as we move

E-mail me.

fozz at is Doran L. Barton, president/CTO, Iodynamics LLC
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