Changing LVM

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Sun Apr 29 14:19:00 MDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 13:42 -0600, Corey Edwards wrote:
> LVM on / scares me a little. I can't say I know how well this will work.
> My suggestion would be to boot from a rescue CD and use tar -l or rsync
> -x, both of which will refuse to cross file system boundaries.

I have used LVM on / for years without any problems... Okay, not true, I
did have problems with Gentoo, but only because the default Gentoo
initrd had to be hacked to activate LVM. And using LVM with the Ubuntu
installer a few years ago was a tiny bit tricky. But those are distro
problems, not problems with the technology.

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