print is offset every other line by 3 mm

Jeff Schroeder jeff at
Fri Apr 27 09:45:12 MDT 2007

> What might cause printing to a DeskJet 500 (ancient device, I know)
> to offset every other line by about 3 millimeters? It's as if
> something is making every other line indent.

If I remember my DeskJet 500 from 30 years ago (or so it seems, heh) it 
printed bidirectionally-- it would print a line from left to right, and 
then the next line from right to left.  I would guess what's happening 
in your case is when the second line is being printed, the head is 
slightly off at the start (right edge) and by the time it gets back to 
the left edge it's still off.  Then somehow it resets itself before 
printing the next (left-to-right) line.

Just a guess, of course.  I'm not sure what you can do about it, though.  
A printer that old is probably best replaced by a new $70 laser printer 
or something. :)

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