moving /usr to bigger partition

Shane Hathaway shane at
Thu Apr 26 11:56:12 MDT 2007

Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> Since I want to do the best thing here, I have poked around and find that
> lvm2 is installed, but not yet setup on my system. Can I set up lvm2 now,
> with my system in place as is, and then use it to rearrange things? I am
> reading the documentation and howto, but it's still a bit fuzzy...

Personally, I like Nicholas' suggestion a lot more.  LVM is great for
situations where rebooting is a bad thing (servers, for example), but on
a desktop, rebooting doesn't matter and LVM adds unnecessary complexity.
 It's better to lazily make a filesystem that spans the whole disk, then
use the time you would have spent learning and maintaining LVM to
instead make regular backups.


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