moving /usr to bigger partition

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Thu Apr 26 10:57:00 MDT 2007

+++ Stuart Jansen [26/04/07 10:12 -0600]:
> On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 10:05 -0600, Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> > I need advice on moving a directory, /usr, which now occupies its own
> > partition, but which I'd like to have on a bigger partition.
> The safest way to make this change is to boot from a rescue CD and move
> the data manually. You should also be able to do it from runlevel 1
> without too much increased danger. You don't want to make this change on
> a live system.
> This sort of problem should be a thing of the past. You should have used
> LVM. With LVM, you would have been able to escape the limitations of
> partitions and even reconfigure the system live. Since you're going to
> have to shut the machine down anyway, maybe you should just backup all
> your data, reformat using LVM, restore the data and bring the system
> back up.

Since I want to do the best thing here, I have poked around and find that
lvm2 is installed, but not yet setup on my system. Can I set up lvm2 now,
with my system in place as is, and then use it to rearrange things? I am
reading the documentation and howto, but it's still a bit fuzzy...

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