moving /usr to bigger partition

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at
Thu Apr 26 10:05:31 MDT 2007

I need advice on moving a directory, /usr, which now occupies its own
partition, but which I'd like to have on a bigger partition. 

/etc/fstab includes this: 

/dev/hde5       /usr            ext3    defaults        0       2

df -h shows: 

/dev/hde5             4.6G  4.3G  106M  98% /usr

/dev/hde9              65G   12G   51G  19% /home

while root is: 

/dev/hde1             250M  219M   18M  93% /

Don't ask why it's set up this way. It just is. I just want to change it
around by moving /usr to /dev/hde9 so that it has room. 

How do I do this safely so that nothing gets hosed? 


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