Mac Slaves: IRC clients?

Brandon Stout bms at
Wed Apr 25 22:45:08 MDT 2007

Matthew Walker wrote:

> On Wed, April 25, 2007 5:14 pm, Brandon Stout wrote:
>> If Gaim/Pigeon (sp?) has a Mac version, you might try Gaim for all your
>> chatting with all protocols.  You will want the irc plugin if you use
>> Pigeon (sp?).  If Macs support KDE/Gnome, you might try Kirc, or
>> whatever comes with Gnome for IRC.
> Pigin, as in the language variant, not the bird. :)

Actually, not a language variant or a bird.  It's Gaim's new name.  The 
new home page:

Why it's renamed:

And why they chose this name:

Brandon Stout

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