Mac Slaves: IRC clients?

Brandon Stout bms at
Wed Apr 25 17:14:56 MDT 2007

Daniel C. wrote:

> While I detest the Macintosh cult, I am nevertheless forced to use one
> at work.  (Not really, but it'd be a hassle to switch now.  At any
> rate, I'm using one.)
> Does anyone know of a non-Chatzilla IRC client for the Mac that's
> good?  I want something that's separate from my browser, for various
> reasons which should be evident upon reflection.
> I did Google Mac IRC clients but Google isn't always reliable when it
> comes to software recommendations.
> Thanks,
> Dan

If Gaim/Pigeon (sp?) has a Mac version, you might try Gaim for all your 
chatting with all protocols.  You will want the irc plugin if you use 
Pigeon (sp?).  If Macs support KDE/Gnome, you might try Kirc, or 
whatever comes with Gnome for IRC.

Brandon Stout

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