Mac Slaves: IRC clients?

Levi Pearson levi at
Wed Apr 25 14:06:36 MDT 2007

Hans Fugal <hans at> writes:
> I've tried them all and used them each for a time. Colloquy, IrssiX,
> MacIrssi. The one I haven't tried (I guess I should for completeness) is
> X-Chat Aqua. In my experience nothing beats out good old fashioned irssi
> in a terminal (in screen of course).

I used Colloquy for a while, too.  Although it was hefty on the RAM
usage, I quit using it because connecting and disconnecting when
putting the laptop to sleep and waking it frequently was annoying to
IRC users on some channels I frequented.  I now ssh to a screen
session at home, in which I run irssi.  I use xchat at work, since I
rarely turn that computer off.


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