Contracting work, does anyone pay?

Steve smorrey at
Sun Apr 22 23:18:19 MDT 2007

Hello everyone,
A few months a go I decided to go programmer for hire and started
checking out several contracting jobs.
Over 6 months I've had 5 jobs, only 2 of which made good on funds owed
(and sadly they were  both jobs < $1k).
It seems to me that most of these "contractor for hire" meet up sites,
are only interested in collecting fees, and not enforcing payment.

For instance on my last contract I finished 2 weeks ahead of schedule,
the payor waited 2 weeks to pay me anyways, and to add insult to
injury when I deposited the check, the thing bounced!

So I contacted the site that I got the job from (I'll leave them
nameless for now since this is still technically an open dispute), and
they said that unless I had used their escrow service (an additional
10% fee), that payment is not guaranteed.
I guess this was laid out in fine print on page 12 of their terms of
service or something.  But holy cow, I'm getting tired of getting
stiffed.  I do good work I do it quickly, and I maintain communication
and give regular updates.  I guess maybe I'm too trusting or
something, I want to code, I love to code, but I'm going to have to
start bringing home the bacon soon, or I'm not going to have a home to
bring it to.

Has anyone else here utilized contractor for hire services, as a
programmer, and could make a good recommendation?

Additionally is anyone looking for a contract programmer for short
term work, I could use the work and I think I'm getting pretty good at
it :)

Thanks in advance!

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