enthusiastic new linux user

Brandon Stout bms at mscis.org
Sun Apr 22 15:26:30 MDT 2007

Steve wrote:

> Welcome to plug where top posting and not trimming is flamed and yet
> used so so widely! ;)
> If you really want to help, the best thing to do would be install both
> vi and emacs and try them out, and let us know which is one actually
> superior, thus ending a decades long war, and bringing peace and
> prosperity to the land.
> The other way to help out is to grab a copy of your favorite distro,
> burn it to a bunch of CDs and give them to all your friends and
> family.
> There's also tons of other ways to help, but these are by far the best. 

There is one better way.  Find someone with a virus infected Windows PC, 
tell them you can fix it, and install your favorite Linux distro with 
ClamAV.  Tell them the virus was Windows, not to install any Microsoft 
or AOL software, and that their virus problem is permanently fixed.

If you want to go the extra mile, convert all Microsoft proprietary 
files into PostScript or OpenDocument format so they can use all their 
old data in Linux.

Brandon Stout

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