Converting diffs?

Steve smorrey at
Sun Apr 22 06:58:11 MDT 2007

Hello everyone,
I've recently recieved a patch for a program I'm writing, which while
it's a wonderful that someone would submit a patch, it appears to be
generated using "diff -r" rather than "diff -Naur".

I'm having quite a bit of difficulty reading it, and the authors
english is horrible, so I was hoping that someone knows of a tool that
can be used to convert this thing into unified diff to make it easier
to read and easier to apply.

Normally I'ld ask the author, to just regenerate the patch using the
proper command, but I've got a feeling I'm going to be running into
this from time to time, so I figured I'ld ask the LUG and see if
anyone knows of a good conversion tool.

Thanks in advance!


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