Announcing a new management community site

Brandon Stout bms at
Sat Apr 21 19:50:42 MDT 2007

I registered while working toward my masters degree (MSCIS - 
defined below).  Since then I hoped to open a community site for IT 
managers to collaborate management ideas.  Since I'm making this site 
free, it's especially for IT managers in OSS/LAMP environments.  The 
front page has no user system.  It runs off my own custom code, which 
I'll probably open source soon.  However, now features a 
management community forum, powered by phorum.  I'd like to invite all 
of you who:

  * Manage CIS personnel
  * Manage CIS projects
  * Make CIS-related decisions
  * Previously did any of the above
  * Aspire to do any of the above

My first topic/poll: Employee of the month programs - do they work?

Hopefully, I'll see several of you register and participate.  Anyone can 
send this to other Linux/Unix user groups, or otherwise help me promote 
this site.

Site objectives (from the home page):

MSCIS stands for:

  * Master of Science in Computer Information Systems – a degree held by founder, Brandon Stout.
  * Model Spinal Cord Injury Systems – if you're an MD.
  * Management Services for Computer Information Systems – for this 
website, unless it changes... has these goals:

  * Promote open source software and solutions
  * Seek make more opportunity for those that manage people in a CIS setting
  * Sponsor a community for managers and CIS employees to discuss CIS 
management practices
  * Host professional CIS portfolios for members
  * Sponsor open source projects, such as phpMyResume, the 
Knowledgebase CMS, and an Addressbook database.

Perhaps will become a non-profit web-hosting organization.

If you wish to join, and participate in management 
discussions, please join our Phorum.

Brandon Stout

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