enthusiastic new linux user

Ryan Simpkins plug at ryansimpkins.com
Fri Apr 20 13:57:06 MDT 2007

On Fri, April 20, 2007 13:40, Allen Lowe wrote:
> Hey Plug,
>     I recently wiped off windows and installed Xubuntu on my wifes old
>  computer. I was so interested that I gave it a few small upgrades in
>  hardware and installed the latest version of OpenSUSE, which, my wife and
>  I are REALLY loving. I started listening to a podcast called FLOSS weekly,
>  in which the inherent value of open source operating systems has really
>  been made clear to me. They also talk alot about Linux user groups, so I
>  decided to see if there was one near by (I live in Springville). I am
>  interested in being a part of a Linux user group, and I am particularly
>  interested in contributing to the community in any way that I can, because
>  I realize that the only way open source can continue is if people don't
>  just leach, but give back for all the free stuff they're using. I could
>  also use some help learning this new operating system (new to me). Can I
>  sign up? Can you give me any more info.? What should I expect when I show
> up?
> Will I be welcome? Just let me know whats up.

Welcome to the list Allen. We are happy to have you here. If you ever have any
questions or problems feel free to post them.

You might also try taking a look at this great local group: http://ubuntu-utah.org/

Anyone is welcome to attend the PLUG meetings (second Wed. of every month).
Typically 10-20 people show up. If you have a question at the meetings don't be shy
to ask for help.

For those that are not 'in the know' FLOSS is Leo Laporte's (former call for help
guy from zdtv) and Chris DiBona's (google) show:


Mr. DiBona may be coming to Utah soon. Hopefully things can happen (or are already
set up) there.


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