enthusiastic new linux user

Allen Lowe lallenlowe at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 13:40:45 MDT 2007

Hey Plug,
    I recently wiped off windows and installed Xubuntu on my wifes old
 computer. I was so interested that I gave it a few small upgrades in
 hardware and installed the latest version of OpenSUSE, which, my wife and
 I are REALLY loving. I started listening to a podcast called FLOSS weekly,
 in which the inherent value of open source operating systems has really
 been made clear to me. They also talk alot about Linux user groups, so I
 decided to see if there was one near by (I live in Springville). I am
 interested in being a part of a Linux user group, and I am particularly
 interested in contributing to the community in any way that I can, because
 I realize that the only way open source can continue is if people don't
 just leach, but give back for all the free stuff they're using. I could
 also use some help learning this new operating system (new to me). Can I
 sign up? Can you give me any more info.? What should I expect when I show
Will I be welcome? Just let me know whats up.

 Allen Lowe

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