Need for Coder with Perl skills

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Thu Apr 19 13:09:45 MDT 2007


Sorry for the cross post, if you happen to get this a couple times ...

Our very small, but growing, company is in need of a coder to work on 
ecommerce (OSS) oriented code.  We are flexible in the time and pay.  We 
have an offshore company lined up that wants the work, but I'd really 
really really prefer to find someone local, if possible (did I stress 
^really^ enough?).

Here's an overview of what we are looking for:

- become a core programmer in our popular Perl based OSS shopping cart
- Code Perl modules for payment gateways and shipping APIs
- mySQL & PostreSQL DB porting of the shopping cart software
- Data exporter modules for Froogle, Quickbooks, spreadsheets, etc.
- Encryption/security measures for storing of data (be the white hat).
- Multi-vendor versioning.
- mod Perl skills
- Development of various end user portals, membership sites, and phone 
ID verification thingies.
- Willing to learn and/or current skills in one/some of the following: 
RoR, Python, Mono, C/C++, or C#
- linux skills
- someone wanting to really contribute to something bigger than 
themselves, build real value, be appreciated, plus build a great 

We are willing to consider:
- full-time or part-time
- permanent status or temp for 2-4 months
- start part-time, grow into full time... or vice versa.

If you are interested in helping us out or joining us, please contact me 
(Carl - aka Mister Ed) at:  801-377-1565 or via email at Mister.Ed ^at^ or stop by our office in Provo: 257 E. Center St. STE 201, 
between 11am - 4pm M-F (above the boy scout museum).  I'd love to meet 
you and/or talk with you, if you are interested.


Mister Ed

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