This looks like a job for Perl, or possibly PHP?

Steve smorrey at
Sun Apr 15 03:21:36 MDT 2007

Actually as it turns out C++ was my best choice.
Most of the missing string fancy footwork I needed to do, was easily
Just for the record, I had to create 2 seperate programs.

fetchpats which basically just creates the URL and passed the work to wget
wget then pipes it's output to parsepats, parsepats cleans the input
and stuffs it in the DB.

All in all I have 322 lines of code in 3 files (fetchpats is 169,
parsepats is 97 sqliteObject.h is 56)
But there's alot of throwaway/debug spew code in there too.

I don't know if those metrics help anyone for comparison, but like I
said before the programs purpose is to scrape data from a website then
parse it and store it into a DB.

Anyways thanks for the advice though folks, I appreciate it.

On 4/14/07, Gary Thornock <gthornock at> wrote:
> If I were doing this particular task, I'd probably do it in Perl,
> but PHP would also do the job fairly well, as would Ruby.
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