This looks like a job for Perl, or possibly PHP?

Steve smorrey at
Sat Apr 14 17:09:45 MDT 2007

Ok turns out this might actually be easier to do in C (well for me at
least), doing a man wget shows I can just pipe the output to standard
out,  and use that to feed a parsing program.

On 4/14/07, Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
> > This is so simple, if it were me, I might do it in shell script using
> > 'wget' (or 'curl') and the 'date' command to do the date wrangling.
> >
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> Thats what I tried in my first iteration, but my bash-scripting fu
> sucks, so what I've done thus far is wrote a C program that takes the
> date range as input (or if none is given, just uses the current date),
> then constructs the proper URL and uses wget to obtain the files.
> However, at present the program just creates a local mirror of the
> file.  My next step would be to open the files and parse the data line
> by line looking for what I need, but this seems a bit wasteful given
> the string parsing capabilities of scripting languages such as python,
> perl and PHP.

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