This looks like a job for Perl, or possibly PHP?

Steve smorrey at
Sat Apr 14 17:02:25 MDT 2007

> This is so simple, if it were me, I might do it in shell script using
> 'wget' (or 'curl') and the 'date' command to do the date wrangling.
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Thats what I tried in my first iteration, but my bash-scripting fu
sucks, so what I've done thus far is wrote a C program that takes the
date range as input (or if none is given, just uses the current date),
then constructs the proper URL and uses wget to obtain the files.
However, at present the program just creates a local mirror of the
file.  My next step would be to open the files and parse the data line
by line looking for what I need, but this seems a bit wasteful given
the string parsing capabilities of scripting languages such as python,
perl and PHP.

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