Along the same Text manipulation line...

Paul Seamons paul at
Fri Apr 13 12:43:58 MDT 2007

> Before you paste, do this:
> :set noautoindent

I normally use

:set paste

I must say, this is the one time that I'll open up vim is for this exact case.  
Pasting into emacs in a terminal is awful (GUI is just fine), partly because 
of the same indent issue, but worse is that the pasted characters come in as 
keystrokes which can sometimes cause the bell to sound or an error to occur 
which causes the paste to stop - or even better to jump to another location 
and continue pasting there.

I haven't seen the equivalent to ":set paste" in emacs.  I'd love to see it.

(But I'm not that sad.  I can't C-v C-v in VI).


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