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Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Fri Apr 13 12:22:25 MDT 2007

On 4/13/07, Dr. Scott S. Jones <scott at> wrote:
> Occasionally I will copy text into a blank document, opened in VIM, only to
> find that each successive line is shifted, such as this:
> each line
>   is shifted
>     to the right
>       in a very
>         annoying pattern
>           which requires me
>             to manually restore
>               it to
> this sort of form
> where the lines all line up
> to the left side.
> What might cause this when pasting text into VIM and how can I correct it?

select the offending lines in visual mode and do something like 10<
(the < shifts the lines and the 10 repeats the following command 10

Alex Esplin

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