Asterisk phones

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Wed Apr 11 23:48:31 MDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 14:03 -0600, Daniel wrote:
> I was talking with the one of the phone guys at the organization and
> he said the (sip) phones that would work with Asterisk are expensive
> compared to phones that work with Mitel, so we have Mitel phones.
> Could the phones that work with Mitel also work with Asterisk?

Well, at least when you ditch Asterisk, you have a phone that speaks an
open and widely used protocol.  It sounds like (I don't know for sure)
that the Mitel phones only work with the Mitel stuff.

Do they give you the first phone free to get you hooked?  :)

Besides, there are tons of phones that will do SIP and to say they are
all expensive is not accurate.  Besides that,  Asterisk will talk to
almost any kind of phone out there - not just SIP.

Anyway, there are my 2 cents.


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