VOIP Provider Again

Dr. Scott S. Jones scott at fyrenice.com
Wed Apr 11 13:23:48 MDT 2007

> >My only dilemma in switching to Comcast is reverse DNS issues with outgoing
> >mail from exim4. But I think I am almost to a solution for that too, since 
> >I
> >want to just use my dynamic IP and not have to pay more to switch up to
> >static IP if I can avoid it.
> Comcast will not give you a static IP unless you upgrade to their
> Business Cable Internet (which is a pretty big jump from their
> residential service price).

I signed up a month ago on their Business Lite promotion. It's about $50 per
month for 4 Mbps cable to my office. If I move up to their business standard
plan it's around $80, north of that likely....to get static IP...I am bound
and determined though to figure out a workaround....if I can.....


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