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Wed Apr 11 11:15:54 MDT 2007

On Wed, 2007-04-11 at 10:39 -0600, C. Ed Felt wrote:
>    Fellow LUG supporters who develop in MONO:
>    In the interest of moving from being Microsoft .Net developers to MONO
>    developers, my colleague and I have been trying to use MonoDevelop on
>    FC6, (we just "yummed" everything).  The issue we are running in to is
>    that it does not seem to be able to find any of the libraries needed
>    to compile and run mono developed applications.  Of course the MONO
>    libraries are there (several FC6 apps use it).  All of the
>    recommendations we are finding  is to just use a different distro.  We
>    prefer Fedora Core, so the change would be a bit painful.  Any
>    suggestions?

Did you install the "devel" and "gapi" packages?

I can build mono apps just fine on my system (gtk# and winforms).  What
problems are you seeing?  I'm using stock FC6 packages.

Winforms is still not complete, and any apps that use pinvoke (many .net
apps, especially in-house ones) won't work.

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