Distributed source control @ Utah Python user group

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Tue Apr 10 17:25:37 MDT 2007

On Tuesday 10 April 2007, Bryan Petty wrote:
> On 4/10/07, Nicholas Leippe <nick at leippe.com> wrote:
> > IMO, managing line endings shouldn't be a function of a vcs--a vcs should
> > _never_ alter the data that it keeps.
> Subversion preserves newline endings unless the svn:eol-style property
> is set to configure certain files to either force a certain newline
> ending, or use the newline ending that's native to the user doing the
> checkout.
> This is a feature that's incredibly useful for developers working on
> cross-platform projects, and I consider it something every VCS should
> have. You probably have no idea how much time and hassle this saves
> cross-platform developers when you have the correct properties set on
> files.

I do have some idea. I also know how bad it can bite you when a file contains 
data in a heredoc that depends on the line ending it was created with. (think 
mime mail or HTTP headers).

True, code can (and usually should) be written independent of the source 
file's line endings, but IMO a simple language convenience shouldn't be 
clobbered by an external program ignorantly (mis) interpreting the file data.

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