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Tue Apr 10 12:41:03 MDT 2007

> This Thursday (April 12) I'm presenting an overview of dscm in general
> and Mercurial in particular.  If you've been happy with svn and you've
> been wondering what the fuss is over this new-fangled distributed stuff,
> you might find this interesting.
> Mercurial is part of the 2nd generation of dscm systems; it's 99%
> Python, but is on par with git (written in C) for speed.  It's used by
> OpenSolaris and Xen, as well as many smaller projects.

I'm hoping I'll be able to attend, but I'm not sure yet, so here's a
couple of things I'm wondering about.

I'm evaluating our CVS replacement, and had just about decided on
git/cogito assuming the Windows version isn't too bad (we have
developers on Win and Lin).  Mostly we need better branching/merging.

How's the windows version of Hg?

Will you discuss any of the following points:


I've used git/cogito a little but I still think
 in CVS, so even though git appears to have more
features, I'm having a hard time deciding how important
that really is (if it's really true).

Barry Roberts

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