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Louis Zirkel lzirkel at cendev.com
Tue Apr 10 09:58:41 MDT 2007

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blr at robertsr.us wrote:
>> On 4/9/07, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at gundy.org> wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 16:51 -0400, blr at robertsr.us wrote:
>>>> What's a good VOIP provider for an Orem resident with Comcast
>>>> broadband?
>>> 2 1/2 years of searching tells me that there are none.
> Well, so far I've gotten one recommendation for viatalk.  Anybody second?
> How about broadvoice?  Any good or bad experience with them?

My personal opinion is that in a lot of ways VoIP providers are much
like brands of automobiles.  Some folks swear by Chevy, others by Ford,
others by whatever.  It's not quite a religious battle like emacs vs.
vi, etc.  I personally have used broadvoice and have had no issues with
them (save for ones I've created myself).  And for my home phone service
I use Vonage currently.  Both services have performed incredibly well
for me and I would mark them as dependable and reliable, but others
experiences will obviously differ.  I am currently shopping for a
provider that provides IAX support as I prefer it to the SIP/RTP
combination so if anyone has any input I'd be interested.

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