VOIP Provider Again

Steve Meyers steve-plug at spwiz.com
Mon Apr 9 21:27:28 MDT 2007

blr at robertsr.us wrote:
> I hereby revoke all previous endorsements I have given to arrivaltel.com.
> What's a good VOIP provider for an Orem resident with Comcast broadband?
I actually talked to them on Friday, and they mentioned that their 
current internet provider was horrible, and they were planning to switch 
to a different provider today.  If they didn't make the switch today, 
I'd imagine it will be in the next couple of days.  He said they were 
absolutely horrible.

We've got them at work, and it's been decent most of the time, but the 
last week we have had a few glitches.  We were getting 2 second lag time 
for a little bit.  We're on iProvo, though, so we had initially assumed 
it was just their usual problems. :)

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