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John Anderson sontek at
Sat Apr 7 22:09:12 MDT 2007

Have you tried diva?

On 4/6/07, Jeff Nyman <Jeff.Nyman at> wrote:
> >Any suggestions as to what program will be useful and stable?
> I have not been happy with any linux based editing software. I've never even
> been able to get Cinelerra up and running stable on any box I've had. Video
> is the only reason I have a windows box at my house. I use Avid Liquid 7.
> There is nothing that compares except Final Cut and our Mac book just
> doesn't have the guts to handle that. I used to use Premiere and it is
> awesome but up until 2.0 it didn't do multicam, and since I do weddings and
> other events multicam editing saves me HOURS. I long for the day when
> someone has a decent editing package that will do multicam and burn DVD's
> with menus for Linux then I can finally leave windows for good.
> Jeff Nyman
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