Static vs. Dynamic IP address and email blocking

Dallin Jones squitoey at
Fri Apr 6 16:24:32 MDT 2007

> Pray tell, what specifically makes Comcast's bandwidth "worthless"? What is
> then Worth MORE? At my office, I either have UTP or coaxial cable, provided
> respectively by Qwest and Comcast. What other options do I have, that would
> keep my broadband costs below $100.00 per month?

It depends on where you live, I am in AF, and am on the AF City
network. I am getting 20-25Mbps full duplex average. I am only paying
40 bucks a month, and they offer static IPs. from my understanding
Utopia's goal is to offer 100Mbps full duplex to everyone... That
isn't too shabby, especially when you can get phone, TV, and internet
for $100. I would dare say that these two options are "worth more".


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