Movie Editing Software

Jeff Nyman Jeff.Nyman at
Fri Apr 6 08:58:49 MDT 2007


>Any suggestions as to what program will be useful and stable?

I have not been happy with any linux based editing software. I've never even
been able to get Cinelerra up and running stable on any box I've had. Video
is the only reason I have a windows box at my house. I use Avid Liquid 7.
There is nothing that compares except Final Cut and our Mac book just
doesn't have the guts to handle that. I used to use Premiere and it is
awesome but up until 2.0 it didn't do multicam, and since I do weddings and
other events multicam editing saves me HOURS. I long for the day when
someone has a decent editing package that will do multicam and burn DVD's
with menus for Linux then I can finally leave windows for good.

Jeff Nyman

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