Static vs. Dynamic IP address and email blocking

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Fri Apr 6 07:25:17 MDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-06 at 07:02 -0600, Dr. Scott S. Jones wrote:
> I recently switched from Qwest/Xmission, where I believe I had a Static IP
> address for DSL to my office, to Comcast, with dynamic IP address. I am now
> running into several problems with sending email.
> I can't email to AOL accounts, two of which belong to my Mother. Similarly,
> I can't email to MSN accounts.

Gone are the days when Linux geeks could run their own servers on a
cheap DSL or cable connection. There may be some lucky stragglers, but
you'll probably be best off upgrading to a more friendly ISP or an
expensive business quality connection, or renting space on a virtual

You can use dyndns for simple things like hosting a Web site. (Until
Comcast notices and decides your violating their ToS.) But email is
going to be a bigger problem. Blame SPAM. Many people, AOL and MSN
included, just block residential IP addresses because they produce so
much SPAM.

You can continue to send email out, but instead of sending it directly
to AOL or MSN, you will have to configure your MTA to relay every
message through your ISP's MTA. Because your ISP's MTA has a
non-residential IP, AOL and MSN are more willing to trust it.

As for incoming mail, you might be able to pull something off with
dyndns, but it's only going to get harder with time. One of the major
reasons I run my own MTA is so I have complete control over SPAM
filtering. If Comcast isn't already doing it, I bet it's only a matter
of time before they automatically filter all email going to an IP they
own as a "service" whether you want it or not. Which will probably mean
they'll throw away messages you want to receive.

Your going to be better off ponying up the money for hosted solution.
Virtual hosting is cheapest. I've been happy with both Linode and

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