NFS Write speed slow

Adam Findley adam at
Tue Apr 3 01:41:09 MDT 2007

Dave Smith wrote:
> Adam Findley wrote:
>> So I have setup a fresh new Archlinux workstation here at the BYU CS 
>> department, and it's NFS read speeds are tremendous, but the write 
>> speeds are horrendous.  Anyone know what causes such problems?
> Wow. History really does repeat itself. :) I assume you've tried the
> usual suspects, noatime and friends in /etc/fstab? Are local writes to 
> the disk nice and fast as you'd expect?
History repeats itself eh?  I haven't tried the usual suspects, as I 
have been doing some searching (lots) on google, and haven't gotten to 
much.  What is noatime?

This is the fstab:
nfs-home1:/home1  /users/home1   nfs 
nfs-home2:/home2  /users/home2   nfs 

Local writes are quite fast and normal.


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