Execute now and carry on about your business?

Byron Clark byron at theclarkfamily.name
Thu Sep 28 14:29:12 MDT 2006

Steve wrote:
> I guess the easiest way to think of this would be an MMORPG server.
> You have a primary zone server that you ru,n where most folks are 
> connecting up.
> As your people run across the land, they go from zone to zone.
> You have to leave your primary zone open, running and responsive,  but
> you need to launch new zones as people go across.
> Now near as I can tell I can use
> system("./mygame.bin");
> To launch the new process, but if I'm not mistaken won't that freeze
> the primary zone server until the new zone exits?
> Anyways I realize I should probably be asking a C++ specific group,
> but since this server runs on linux, I'm hoping that Linux has some
> magic wand I can wave :)

fork() and exec() are the calls you'll need.

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