Execute now and carry on about your business?

Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Sep 28 14:21:54 MDT 2006

Hello All,
I've got a c++ for linux question that I think should be elementary,
but I'm just not sure where to look?
I have an application, a server actually, that occasionally needs to
launch new instances of itself.  Problem is I believe if I use
system() to do so that the calling function will have to wait for the
system call to return before it can do anything else.

I guess the easiest way to think of this would be an MMORPG server.
You have a primary zone server that you ru,n where most folks are connecting up.
As your people run across the land, they go from zone to zone.
You have to leave your primary zone open, running and responsive,  but
you need to launch new zones as people go across.
Now near as I can tell I can use
To launch the new process, but if I'm not mistaken won't that freeze
the primary zone server until the new zone exits?

Anyways I realize I should probably be asking a C++ specific group,
but since this server runs on linux, I'm hoping that Linux has some
magic wand I can wave :)

Thanks in advance for the help!

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