good firewall for linux

Steve Dibb steve at
Tue Sep 26 16:41:33 MDT 2006

Kyle Waters wrote:
> SlackwareTeen wrote:
>> Could anyone point me to a good firewall for linux? Thanks. every time
>> i find a firewall i think is good, i either don't have the right
>> libraries, or it doesn't work under any user but root
> Let me explain a little how firewalls work in linux.
> Built into the linux kernel is something called iptables. This is what 
> you will be using as your firewall in linux.  Everything else you see 
> is just a front end to make it easier to deal with.  Personally I 
> really like shorewall(you should check and see if it's part of your 
> distro)  There are some nice gui's, but they ALL run as root, because 
> you can't run iptables as a regular user.  Maybe you should let us 
> know what you expect the firewall to do.  I know some firewall's pop 
> and ask permission to connect to other computers, this is generally 
> considered useless, and I don't know any linux firewalls that provide 
> that(Doing it as a non-root user is even more useless).

My favorite gui:


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