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Jesse Stay jesse at
Mon Sep 25 14:15:04 MDT 2006

I mentioned my previous employer ( used Zimbra for about
200+ (and growing) employees.  I speak from mostly a user perspective, but I
know the admin who maintained it didn't have too much beef with it.  We
rarely saw downtime, except during upgrades (which is a good thing - most of
the examples mentioned do not provide as frequent updates as Zimbra.  You
can always count on Zimbra improving even more than it does now), and it
being open source, I even started to look into writing my own Thunderbird
plugins for accepting appointments, etc.  Zimbra actually gave more
functionality to Outlook users than Linux users, something that can't be
said for a lot of its OSS competitors.  Show your boss the demo that was
pointed out earlier - I am willing to bet he will fall in love with it as
soon as he sees it.  I doubt you can get the Exchange Outlook Connector to
auto-link phone numbers and addresses in your e-mails to your address book
like Zimbra's web client does, and I know it doesn't link dates to your
calendar so you can check within the e-mail itself if you are busy during
those times.  We were even working towards integrating it with our Asterix
system so the phone numbers in e-mails customer support received would
auto-dial the customer when you clicked on them.  I think I'm only touching
the surface with the possibilities.  Outlook users will most likely not even
notice the difference between being on Exchange vs. Zimbra - I know ours
didn't at Backcountry, and they used it just as they would have on an
Exchange platform.  After seeing it in action I will be encouraging all my
employers to make the switch in the future.


On 9/25/06, Scott Morris <scottmmorris at> wrote:
> We've had some discussion recently about server replacements for
> Exchange.  I did get all of the suggestions for such applications, such
> as Zimbra, Citadel, OpenXchange, Scalix, etc.  What I didn't catch was
> personal experience that anyone had with any of these.
> If you've had experience with any of these, which seems easiest to
> install, maintain, etc?
> Off-hand, do you know which support Outlook connectivity without having
> to buy something extra?
> Anything to steer clear of or be aware of?
> Again, I'm aware of many of the possible alternatives.  I'm mostly just
> looking for personal experience that anyone has had.
> My manager is about 10 seconds away from just telling me to install
> Exchange.  Please save me from the agony. :)
> Thanks in advance.
> Scott Morris
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