Question regarding experience

Scott Morris scottmmorris at
Mon Sep 25 13:23:58 MDT 2006

We've had some discussion recently about server replacements for
Exchange.  I did get all of the suggestions for such applications, such
as Zimbra, Citadel, OpenXchange, Scalix, etc.  What I didn't catch was
personal experience that anyone had with any of these.

If you've had experience with any of these, which seems easiest to
install, maintain, etc?

Off-hand, do you know which support Outlook connectivity without having
to buy something extra?

Anything to steer clear of or be aware of?

Again, I'm aware of many of the possible alternatives.  I'm mostly just
looking for personal experience that anyone has had.

My manager is about 10 seconds away from just telling me to install
Exchange.  Please save me from the agony. :)

Thanks in advance.

Scott Morris

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