IRC, how safe is it?

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Sat Sep 23 06:58:19 MDT 2006

On Sat, 23 Sep 2006, Daniel C. wrote:

> On 9/23/06, SlackwareKid <linuxbeginner at> wrote:
>> How safe is IRC, I'm not allowed to use it because my brother and my
>> dad said that it isn't to safe for the network. I was wondering, how
>> safe is IRC?
> Using it will reveal your IP address to anyone on the same server as
> you.  That may be what they meant.  I'd be really surprised if a
> protocol that old had inherent security flaws.  Just make sure to use
> a good client, and (as always) don't download random stuff from people
> you don't know.
> Dan

Yes, tell us more about why you were told that IRC is not safe?  I use it, 
but I use IRCII which is all text based.  As Dan said, about all that I 
can think of that could be a problem is visibility of my IP.  But if I am 
pushing through a firewall, that should not matter, as long as it is 
locked down.  Some irc clients allow file transfers over direct 
connections, that could be unsafe if someone sent you a virus (if you are 
on windows).  It really just comes down to using common sense and 
understand that not everyone in the world is out to help you.


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