Shared Calendar/Todos?

Jesse Stay jesse at
Tue Sep 19 07:41:43 MDT 2006

On 9/19/06, Jonathan Ellis <jonathan at> wrote:
> Nothing.  That says "IP rights relating to Google Apps."  Not "IP rights
> to data stored in Google Apps."  Just like GPLing the GIMP doesn't make
> any artwork you create with it GPLed, storing your data on gmail doesn't
> make it Google's.

Regardless of how that is interpreted (it would definitely have to be
up to a team of lawyers and a judge), if you ever need your data back,
or need to review data of a former employee that is owned by your
company, I would highly recommend you consult a lawyer before deciding
to use Google's services for your company-owned data.  Then keep in
mind that Google most likely has a lot more money and many more
lawyers to throw at you if you ever need to get that data back.



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