Geek or Nerd?

Hill, Greg grhill at
Mon Sep 18 11:32:23 MDT 2006

> For those who wear the badge with pride, do you call yourself a Geek,
> Nerd, a Hacker, or some other term?

Nerd = someone who's inordinately knowledgeable in a subject of some
(can be things as disparate as computers, movies, music, sports, opera,
Geek = someone who thinks he's a Nerd, but isn't

This is the way I've always differentiated it, and judging by the other
replies, I am alone in doing so.  It seems most people have the opposite
opinion.  I've always associated geek with a negative connotation, but
not nerd.

I'm not really either one, I'm just a wannabe :)  


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